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Carpets for Sale, We have many different styles of carpets, plain, multi coloured & fleck carpets or carpets with a pattern.

We offer a wide range of carpets and underlays, from the more economic, to the really luxurious. We have many different styles of carpets, plain, multi coloured & fleck carpets or carpets with a pattern. You can choose from long to short piled and man made to wool. Moreover our prices stay low all year round. We believe in clear and honest trading, All our pricing is clear and visible. The price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras or misleading sales.

To us it makes much more sense to choose carpet at home, and see it where it will be laid. Not only does it mean you, our valued customer, doesn’t have to waste tons of time looking for the right carpet, but it also eliminates the very-expensive-if-you-get-it wrong guess work element too.

Our home selection is great because:

  • You dont have to leave home .. we come to you!
  • You get to see what the samples will really look like in location
  • No guesswork, avoiding expensive mistakes
  • Sensible prices due to our very low overheads

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can be laid in all rooms, but typically areas where there is water. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular as vinyl is water proof and also comes in slip resistant ranges as well.Vinyls are easily cleaned and are a good hygienic floor of choice.

London Carpet and Flooring supplies a wide range of quality vinyl flooring from reputable manufacturers. Our fitters are highly trained experts in their field with many, many years experience in fitting quality vinyl.

Some of the many patterns available are:

  • Authentic wood planks
  • Slate and granite tiles
  • Abstract designs
  • Modern metals

Wood and Laminate Flooring

We believe quality and patent of the design is imperative when choosing laminate flooring. We buy our laminate in bulk to save you money. Laminate wood floors can be laid in all rooms, even bathrooms, if the correct product is chosen.

We use the highest quality flooring from reputable manufacturers such as:

  • Quickstep
  • Balterio
  • Egger

Wood Floor for Quality Flooring

wood flooring

Choosing Hardwood Floors
There’s nothing quite just like the timeless look of hardwood floors. Today, there are several sorts of hardwood flooring options out there to fit your family’s lifestyle and budget. no matter which you select for your home, you’ll expect a rise in your home’s value also as added warmth and wonder that you’ll enjoy for years to return .

Hardwood Types
Options are virtually limitless when it involves choosing hardwoods. Need help deciding between the various types? See below for a summary of the more popular hardwoods.

Solid wood flooring are cut from one piece of solid wood and may be sanded and refinished. They’re available during a sort of wood types and colours and instantly add value to a home.

Engineered wood flooring is crafted from a mixture of solid wood and plywood. It’s an eco-friendly choice and is a smaller amount expensive than solid hardwoods. Available in waterproof options, engineered wood is right for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas susceptible to moisture.

Bamboo flooring is formed from an eco-friendly, natural resource . With a mean lifetime of 20 to 25 years, it is a great low-maintenance option that gives extreme durability with the design of solid wood.

Artificial Grass Store in London

Artificial Grass

The main reason why most of the people get artificial turf installed in their home is to urge the design and feel of the grass without browsing the effort of sowing, tilling, mowing, etc.

it’s a touch subjective to seek out the foremost realistic looking artificial turf. Some may love deep green, luscious turf while others sort of a shorter pile of height grass, so it’s entirely hooked in to the person’s perspective.

Here are a number of the ways to work out how realistic artificial grass should appear as if Look of the Grass- Color plays a crucial role when it involves the realistic look of grass. the synthetic grass manufacturing companies lately are offering various colors of grass to their customers, from blue grass to hot pink there are a good sort of options available within the market.

If you would like to urge your hands on realistic grass, then try a mixture of subdued reminder green. they appear more realistic in comparison to the solid green color. the form of the grass also matters; thin opaque gem will feel much softer than the standard grass.

Feel of Grass- The infill and material of grass play an important role choose the texture of grass. Various sorts of substances are often used for artificial turf infill.

If you would like firm turf, then sand infill could also be perfect for you. Likewise, for various purposes, you’ll pick artificial grass with various sorts of infilling. Purpose- it’s essential to understand your purpose before picking the simplest realistic artificial grass.

does one want to urge the right lawn look or does one want it for any sports purpose or simply for your dog runs; whatever reason it’s your purpose determines the fabric that you simply need to pick.

If you would like the simplest artificial grass for any purpose, get in-tuned with  https://londoncarpetandflooring.co.uk Store, today!

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